Empower your contact center staff to provide outstanding customer service.

We help your workforce reach their full potential with engaging online training. We train thousands of employees every year for companies that take customer service seriously.

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Empower your contact center staff to provide outstanding customer service.
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The benefits of our online curriculum

Increase employee commitment

Increase employee commitment

By offering your employees continuous learning opportunities and providing them with certifications along the way, you can show them a clear career path which keeps them motivated and increases commitment.

Developed by e-learning professionals

Developed by e-learning professionals

Our high-quality e-learning courses focus on the foundational skills for every contact center role. These courses are developed by a devoted team of industry-experts and e-learning professionals.

Industry recognized certification

Industry recognized certification

Our certifications are globally recognized throughout the industry and validate and recognize the learning achievements gained through the program.

Integrates easily in work schedules

Integrates easily in work schedules

Our courses enable training in-between work, when call volumes are low. The learning content is cut down to 15-minute modules that can easily be scheduled and can be paused/resumed at any moment.

Start training in minutes How it works

  1. 1

    Select e-learning program(s) from the curriculum

    Choose the content relevant to your training need from our curriculum.

  2. 2

    Invite your employees to start learning

    Create accounts and assign program(s) for your employees to start learning.

  3. 3

    Track progress and achievements

    While your employees learn, you can easily view learning performance metrics with our intuitive dashboard!

  4. 4

    Continue the learning journey

    Once an employee has completed their assigned training, continue the learning path by assigning them the next relevant program. You can also upload and include your own training material.

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We are The Call Center School We believe that empowered employees make the difference for your customers

Good customer service can make the difference. Every point of contact with your support staff is an opportunity to win a lifelong customer. How to provide outstanding customer service can be learned. The challenge of providing contact center employees with the skills to delight customers is what motivates us all-day-long.

Whether it’s soft skills to handle angry callers, or hard skills of applying statistical analysis to predict call volumes; we love creating interactive e-learning courses that are fun to take, are easy to understand and teach skills that can be applied on-the-job right away.

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Our customers We have certified 30,000+ professionals from 4,000+ contact centers around the world.

Brian Mucino
Brian Mucino Learning and Development Trainer
Rochester Regional Health
“The Call Center School has improved our onboarding experience for new hires. Also, the ability to add your own content is a great addition to the program.”
Brian Mucino Learning and Development Trainer
Rochester Regional Health

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