WFM - Intraday Management

It is critical to track how accurate forecasts and schedules are during the day to ensure service goals are being met and employees are being utilized effectively. This course focuses on the real-time aspect of workforce management.

  • WFM
  • 55 min

What Learners will learn

  • Define the right key metrics to monitor during the day
  • Identify possible reasons for plan deviations
  • React appropriately to over- and understaffing
  • Implement strategies to handle deviations due to lack of adherence
  • Determine root causes of deviations through proper communication
  • Communicate plan changes effectively to all necessary employees
  • Develop a communications plan to follow when intraday staffing changes are required

Who should take this?

  • Anyone involved in workforce management
  • Newly hired workforce managers (as part of onboarding)
  • Employees seeking to expand their area of responsibilities

Course Outline

  • The Importance of Intraday Management
  • Monitoring and Analyzing Data
  • Reacting to Over- and Understaffing and Lack of Adherence
  • Communicating Deviations Effectively
  • Practicing Intraday Management - Exercise
  • Final Exam


Self-paced e-learning containing an engaging mix of video, narratives, scenarios, and self-assessments.

The WFM - Intraday Management course is designed by call center experts to provide a practical and engaging learning experience. Start today.