WFM Scheduling - Scheduling Shifts

Creating a good schedule can be tricky and requires a lot of patience, adjustments, and optimization. Workload and staff requirements often vary; you have to consider restrictions and agents’ needs. This course teaches different ways to reduce over- and understaffing, strategies to measure and optimize a schedule’s accuracy, and methods for assigning shifts.

  • WFM
  • 1 hour 5 min

What Learners will learn

  • Define a suitable planning cycle for a contact center
  • Consider restrictions and recommendations when creating agents’ schedules
  • Apply different methods to increase planning flexibility
  • Apply the right method to reduce over- and understaffing
  • Assess whether the use of a workforce management system is helpful for a contact center
  • Define the accuracy of schedules
  • Manage shift assignment fairly and make unpopular shifts more attractive

Who should take this?

  • Anyone involved in workforce management
  • Newly hired workforce managers (as part of onboarding)
  • Supervisors with scheduling responsibilities

Course Outline

  • The Challenges of Creating a Schedule
  • Pre-Planning Considerations
  • Different Methods to Create Schedules
  • Different Methods to Assign Shifts
  • Final Exam


Self-paced e-learning containing an engaging mix of video, narratives, scenarios, and self-assessments.

The WFM Scheduling - Scheduling Shifts course is designed by call center experts to provide a practical and engaging learning experience. Start today.