Types of Challenging Callers

In your everyday work as a frontline agent, you will likely interact with various types of callers. The majority of your callers will be polite, easy to talk to and appreciative of your help. However, occasionally you will encounter callers who are not as easy to handle or are not as pleasant as you would hope.

  • Agent
  • 40 min

What Learners will learn

  • Identify techniques to deal with non-essential conversations
  • Recognize techniques to handle challenging callers
  • Differentiate between angry and impatient callers
  • Identify steps to move challenging calls forward
  • Identify effective call handling skills

Who should take this?

  • Individuals interested in improving their customer service phone skills
  • Newly hired telephone agents (as part of onboarding)
  • Agents that have difficulty with phone skills
  • Supervisors or coaches that manage telephone agents

Course Outline

  • The Talkative Caller
  • The Confused Caller
  • The Impatient Caller
  • The Emotional Caller
  • The Complaining Caller
  • Final Exam


Self-paced e-learning containing an engaging mix of video, narratives, scenarios, and self-assessments.

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