Successful Leadership - Retention of Team Members

A big challenge for contact centers is finding and keeping good employees. Getting staff turnover under control can be the defining factor of the contact center’s success. This course discusses the main reasons employees leave or choose to stay, as well as the impact a supervisor can have on employee retention.

  • Supervision
  • 40 min

What Learners will learn

  • Calculate the hard and soft cost of turnover to the business
  • Explain the main reasons employees leave and why they stay
  • Describe specific actions supervisors can take to improve morale and retention for their teams
  • List the key elements of an effective retention/motivation program
  • Identify strategies for improving retention

Who should take this?

  • Anyone that manages and supports frontline staff in a contact center
  • Supervisors, team leaders, team managers, coaches, and call center managers

Course Outline

  • Calculating Turnover Rates and Costs
  • Understanding and Utilizing Retention Strategies
  • Building Relationships
  • Final Exam


Self-paced e-learning containing an engaging mix of video, narratives, scenarios, and self-assessments.

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