QA - Performance Coaching

The coaching that happens in your organization plays an important role in ensuring the effectiveness of your quality assurance program and improving your contact center’s customer service. This course will give you an overview of performance coaching and its benefits. You will learn key considerations and techniques for setting up and conducting performance coaching sessions. You will also discover how to effectively deliver actionable feedback to your agents.

  • QA
  • 45 min

What Learners will learn

  • Identify how performance coaching fits into a quality assurance program.
  • Determine the purpose and benefits of performance coaching
  • Determine the main considerations to set up for successful performance coaching
  • Determine the structure and steps of an effective performance coaching session
  • Identify the main components of an action plan
  • Identify key considerations for delivering feedback
  • Define and utilize the COIN method for giving actionable feedback
  • Identify performance coaching best practices

Who should take this?

  • Anyone interested in setting up a quality assurance (QA) program
  • Anyone involved in a quality assurance program
  • Supervisors, team leads, or quality assurance team members involved in performance coaching

Course Outline

  • Defining Performance Coaching
  • Setting Up the Performance Coaching Process
  • Techniques for Conducting Successful Performance Coaching Sessions
  • Understanding Performance Coaching Best Practices
  • Final Exam


Self-paced e-learning containing an engaging mix of video, narratives, scenarios, and self-assessments.

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