The journey to empowered staff starts here.
Our platform gives you the power to write your own training story.

Onboard & Manage your students

You can quickly view, import, and manage users and user roles. Our Program Assignment feature enables you to assign Training content to specific students, or to every unassigned student in your center, at the click of a button.


Watch as they progress

Easily drill-down to view performance metrics for individuals or groups of learners with our intuitive dashboard! Filter and sort using criteria such as course activity, % complete and time remaining. Individual learners can also track their specific progress for programs, courses and modules. Our tracking progress helps you to gauge performance metrics and ROI.


Reward Achievement with Mastery Certification

Test and verify newly acquired skills. Use our online mastery exams to achieve internationally recognized certification from The Call Center School. When exams are completed, mastery certificates can be downloaded, printed or shared directly on social media networks.


Upload & Manage your Training Content

The Content Manager, one of our e-learning platform components, is integral to your training needs. You can upload your custom training content and files (PowerPoint, Video, Word, PDF, etc.), videos and in-house e-learning materials at your convenience. Easily organize your content into custom programs and courses. You don’t need special technical skills to build your own training programs - we’ve made it easy!


Create Custom Exams

Rapidly create questions, quizzes and exams to suit your training materials, reinforcing concepts and knowledge retention. The Exam Builder supports various question types, such as multiple choice, true/false, ranking, and fill-in-the-blank. Learners’ exam results are instantly available and accessible via the Training Progress dashboard.


On-Demand Cloud-Based Service

Our cloud-based e-learning platform is available 24/7 without the need to install expensive hardware or software. Our e-learning solution can scale easily with your business and our training courses are accessible from multiple devices. We value your privacy! We store your information in secure data centers, and use data encryption with strong user authentication.


Our LMS allows you to combine your own training courses with the courses provided by The Call Center School.