QA - Quality Monitoring Scorecard

A quality monitoring (QM) scorecard is an evaluation template with defined standards to score how an agent handled a customer interaction. A QM scorecard ensures customer experience quality standards are met. It enables agents to know what is expected of them, and reviewers to know how to evaluate agents’ performance. This course will equip you with the skillset to create and implement a QM scorecard in your organization.

  • QA
  • 45 min

What Learners will learn

  • Identify a QM scorecard’s purpose and understand how it fits into a quality assurance program
  • Determine expected behaviors and define standards for your QM scorecard
  • Create a quality standards definition document (QSDD) and understand its benefits
  • Prioritize standards and decide on a scoring system based on your contact center’s needs.
  • Decide what actions to take before and after your scorecard’s launch
  • Identify key considerations to assess if automated QM scorecards can be beneficial for your organization

Who should take this?

  • Anyone interested in setting up a quality assurance (QA) program
  • Anyone involved in a quality assurance program
  • Supervisors, team leads, or quality assurance managers involved in setting up a quality monitoring scorecard

Course Outline

  • Defining a Quality Monitoring Scorecard
  • Defining Standards
  • Designing the QM Scorecard
  • Implementing the QM Scorecard
  • Using Tools
  • Final Exam


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