WFM - Introduction

This course covers the details of each step of the workforce management process. You will gain an understanding of forecasting, scheduling, and intraday management, as well as becoming familiar with the various WFM roles and responsibilities within a contact center.

  • WFM
  • 55 min

What Learners will learn

  • Define workforce management (WFM) in contact centers
  • Describe the main challenges of WFM: maintaining the service level, varying call volumes, and handling customer requests in real-time
  • Articulate the step-by-step process of forecasting workload
  • Articulate the steps to calculate staffing requirements, and what impact the requirements can have on service goals
  • Discuss key measures to indicate if the daily forecast is effective
  • Apply the right methods if service goals are not met
  • Describe how workforce management departments can be organized in large, medium, and small contact centers
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of the main workforce management stakeholders in a contact center

Who should take this?

  • Anyone involved in workforce management or scheduling
  • Newly hired workforce managers or supervisors (as part of onboarding)
  • Individuals interested in an overview of workforce management

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • The Challenges of Contact Center Workforce Management
  • Analyzing Data and Creating a Forecast
  • Calculating Requirements and Scheduling Staff
  • Managing Intraday Performance
  • Operational Structures and Stakeholder Needs
  • Final Exam


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