The Art of Coaching

  • Outlines techniques maximize the success of your coaching sessions
  • Teaches various feedback methods and how to best to influence performance
  • Excellent for both onboarding and ongoing training
  • Created by a team of industry veterans and e-learning professionals

A key to successful contact center management is effective coaching. This course teaches how to become a successful coach. It covers coaching best practices, how to structure coaching sessions, techniques for doing side-by-side coaching, and methods to adapt your coaching style to specific employees. This course is designed for both those new to coaching and those more experienced in coaching who want to brush up their skills.

The course The Art of Coaching is also included in the bundle Call Center Supervision.

Who should take this?

  • Anyone that manages and supports frontline staff in a contact center
  • Supervisors, team leaders, team managers, coaches, and call center managers


Self-paced e-learning containing an engaging mix of video, narratives, scenarios, and self-assessments.

A certificate is provided if the mastery exam is passed successfully.

Time to complete

  • 6 months from starting the first module
  • Course contains 2 h 10 min of content
  • The course will remain available for the entire 6 months, even after completion

The following units are included

1. Fundamentals of Coaching

Essential Knowledge for Becoming an Expert Coach

Fundamentals of Coaching

This unit outlines best practices for coaching call center employees for improved performance. It describes the benefits of coaching, how to set up a coaching session, communicate effectively, and how to deliver consequences that shape performance effectively.

Call center supervisors have multiple opportunities in a variety of settings and situations to coach staff on their performance. This unit provides techniques for doing side-by-side coaching for improved performance, including tips on providing both positive and negative feedback. It teaches techniques to use in both counseling and formal review sessions.

Finally, this unit outlines the step-by-step approach to coach problem employees as well as reward good performers. The unit also provides several useful tools to use in planning and conducting a coaching or counseling session.

Students will learn:

  • The differences between monitoring/coaching and coaching/counseling.
  • Best practices to use in side-by-side coaching.
  • How to present both positive and negative feedback.
  • How to apply various feedback methods and when to use each.
  • The steps of a positive discipline plan.
  • 3 modules
  • 51 min

Included modules and learning aims:

  1. Basic Coaching Principles 16 min

    • Explore some facts about coaching in a call center
    • Identify the benefits of effective coaching
    • Review the role of coaching in the performance management process
  2. Communication and Reinforcement Strategies 17 min

    • Define the types of reinforcement and how best to influence performance
    • Identify common mistakes made when providing positive reinforcement
    • Apply the steps of effective communications in the coaching process
  3. Basics of Performance Counseling 18 min

    • Pinpoint situations where counseling is required
    • Avoid excuses not to counsel
    • Outline a four part counseling approach and how to apply it

2. Best Practices of Coaching

Essential Coaching Techniques for Improving Quality

Best Practices of Coaching

This unit focuses on the best practices of coaching. It teaches the benefits of regularly scheduled coaching sessions, how to effectively communicate to ensure frontline staff understanding and buy-in, and the techniques for reinforcing desirable behaviors so they will be repeated in future customer interactions.

This unit also teaches three distinct techniques for call coaching, each approach adapting to the unique needs of each agent according to their level of performance as evaluated in the quality monitoring evaluation.

Students will learn:

  • The benefits of effective coaching.
  • The five step coaching process.
  • The types of reinforcement and how best to influence performance.
  • Communication techniques that lead to successful coaching sessions.
  • How to coach to celebrate, clarify and correct agent behaviors.
  • 7 modules
  • 62 min

Included modules and learning aims:

  1. Introduction 05 min

    • Recognize the benefits of effective coaching
    • We’ll also preview the overall course content
  2. Prepare for Success 08 min

    • Create a coaching plan that ensures you will be prepared to get the most out of your session
    • Use open-ended questions during coaching
    • Positively reinforce behaviors that we want to see repeated in the future
  3. Techniques for Success 17 min

    • Describe the conversational questioning technique
    • Describe the best practices for listening
    • Tell the difference between natural and created reinforcement
    • Recognize some common reinforcement mistakes
  4. Coaching to Celebrate 06 min

    • Outline the basic steps of performance management and coaching
    • Apply Youing steps for performance gaps in selling behaviors
  5. Coaching to Clarify 07 min

    • Describe the steps to take during a coaching meeting
    • Choose the correct step to clarify improvements an agent should make
  6. Coaching to Correct 07 min

    • Describe the steps to take to correct a poor call during a coaching meeting
  7. Assessment 08 min

    In this module, we'll test your knowledge of the key learning points from the course. To score a passing percentage of 80%, you must answer 16 of a possible 20 questions correctly.

Mastery Certification: The Art of Coaching

After finishing all the content of the course, participants are eligible to take the mastery certification exam. A designation of Mastery Certification from The Call Center School validates and recognizes the learning achievements gained through the course.

Participants who successfully pass the mastery certification can download their certificate and share it directly via social media.

37 questions 15 min

Mastery Certification: The Art of Coaching

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