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We offer comprehensive Call Center Operations training - learn at your own pace and speed. Our popular courses are available as engaging, self-paced, web-based training. You'll be impressed with our cost-effective, user-friendly “how-to” content. Contact us for a free preview.

Our Offering

Frontline Fundamentals {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}
Frontline Fundamentals {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}

While most frontline training courses include system navigation and product training, general “customer service skills” are also critical components of the program. With the increased focus on customer satisfaction and retention, frontline training courses should also include spoken communication skills (“what you say” and “how you say it”) as well as techniques for turning around negative customer situations.
Course Overview

12 hrs 49 Modules Interactive

Workforce Management {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}
Workforce Management {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}

One of our primary fields of expertise is Workforce Management. As over two-thirds of call center operating costs are related to personnel, getting the “just right” number of staff in place is critical, in terms of both service and cost. Our Workforce Management training courses have assisted hundreds of companies in improving their staffing and scheduling efficiencies.
Course Overview

11 hrs 67 Modules Interactive

Supervision {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}
Supervision {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}

In addition to company-specific supervisor courses that provide training for personnel related duties, e.g. salary discussions, performance reviews, call center supervisors also need to understand how to monitor staff performance, utilize call center reports and technologies, diagnose performance problems, coach for improved performance, and implement agent retention programs.
Course Overview

14 hrs 36 Modules Interactive

Quality Assurance {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}
Quality Assurance {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}

“Your call may be monitored for quality and training purposes.” Call center outsiders may be surprised what happens behind the scenes when they hear this common phrase. Call center insiders understand that it takes comprehensive training to ensure agents know how to handle the call. They also understand that consistent monitoring and coaching is required to ensure the quality of every single customer interaction. The Call Center School’s Quality Assurance program includes all topics related to customer surveying and feedback.
Course Overview

9 hrs 24 Modules


Mastery certification

The Call Center School offers post-training certification testing on the knowledge and skills learned in the Master Series Frontline Fundamentals, Supervision, Workforce Management and Quality Assurance courses provided. The mastery exam is an online, open book exam. Students achieving a score of 80% or higher on the exam will receive a certificate of completion.

Why E-Learning?

Here are just a few of the ways you can benefit from our self-paced e-learning programs.

1. It’s current and comprehensive. Interactive, multi-media training courses ensure learning is an interesting and energizing experience. The Call Center School faculty, which is internationally recognised, work consistently with knowledgeable multimedia experts to create content that is both rich and engaging.

2. It’s consistent and instructional. In classroom training, results sometimes depend on the performance of individual trainers. Not so for e-learning, where consistent, high quality training is always available.

3. It’s cost effective. With e-learning, the fixed production costs for the learning material can be shared with many students. This decreases the price per student. Additionally, there are no travel costs and productivity is not reduced due to absences in the workplace.

4. It’s less resource intensive. Considerably less organizational effort and administrative costs are associated with e-learning. Little time is required to schedule training sessions and there is certainly no need to book hotels, meeting rooms, arrange food, etc.

5. It makes your staff more productive. As e-learning is not restricted to a fixed time or location, students can learn during times of low utilization or occupancy. Most of the e-learning courses provided are divided into 10-20 minute training modules to accommodate the daily ebb and flow of workload. Students can learn valuable lessons in the downtime between calls, without having to leave their workstations.

6. It’s easy to monitor student progress. All courses are provided with tests to reinforce key learning points. Built-in activities and quizzes are provided throughout the classes to help the learner stay on track. End-of-course tests ensure that students have accomplished the defined learning objectives of each class.

7. It’s available, as required. Students can proceed through courses at their own pace and it’s easy to go back and review content at any stage. In classroom training, you can only assume that students take good notes. With e-learning, students can review a section or an entire course, as required.

8. It’s part of a learning environment. Many employees cite a lack of development opportunities as the reason they leave a company. Expanding their library of training possibilities with e-learning programs helps to demonstrate your commitment to their growth and personal development.

9. It’s environmentally friendly! By decreasing travel and energy costs, e-learning contributes to an environmentally friendly workplace. Yes, it’s true, e-learning is green learning!

10. It’s a proven learning method. The Call Center School has provided e-learning to over 18,000 agents globally, with evident, measurable results. Come and experience the excitement of e-learning and sample one of our popular e-learning classes. You’ll appreciate the benefits presented in your organization.

The Call Center School - Chalkboard with Penny Reynolds

About The Call Center School

Since 2001, The Call Center School has been dedicated to the professional development of individuals in the contact center industry. With more than 18,000 graduates, we are the global market leader in the industry. Tailored e-learning programs are available for all employees, from agent to contact center manager.

The Call Center School at a Glance

Comprehensive & Field Tested

Over 170 training modules, approximately 47 hours of training material, provide essential knowledge and expert advice. Our comprehensive curriculum, including Frontline Fundamentals, Supervision, Workforce Management and Quality Assurance, addresses all topics required for the successful operation of your contact center.

Effective & Individual

Our content is developed in line with current and emerging learning trends and adapted to the training requirements of the respective audience. All courses incorporate interactive elements, theory quizzes and engaging animation to ensure active learner participation along with review of key learning objectives to further the learning process.

Discover the future of employee training

In recent years, e-learning has become an increasingly appealing alternative to traditional, classroom training. This reinforces the rapid progress of e-learning technologies and the positive response to our courses. The benefits are evident - outstanding cost-efficiency, scalability and flexibility with a consistent, high standard of didactics, with regards to content. For further information, please refer to our Why E-Learning? section.

The Team

The Call Center School consists of an expert team of linguists, video journalists, call center specialists and e-learning developers. A consistent, professional standard ensures all content is kept continually up-to-date and in context.

The Call Center School was founded in 2001 by Penny Reynolds and Margaret Klenke. Each partner contributes more than 20 years of experience in the call center industry.

Penny Reynolds

With over 20 years industry experience, Penny Reynolds has been responsible for the development and delivery of a variety of call center training programs. Penny specializes in workforce and personnel management, contact center technology and daily contact center operations. Aside from authoring books, she publishes regularly in established industry publications and is a popular presenter at industry conferences and association meetings worldwide. Before founding The Call Center School, Penny had, in line with other occupations, a leading position in the TCS Management Group.

Margaret Klenke

Margaret Klenke provides support to customers in personnel and contact center management, strategic planning and contact center technologies. Margaret is a member of the editorial board for the International Journal of Call Center Management and CRM Magazine. She also leads practical workshops on various contact center and telecommunications topics and is a popular presenter at industry conferences worldwide. Before founding The Call Center School, Margaret was, in line with other occupations, the Head of Consulting at the TCS Management Group.