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We offer comprehensive Call Center Operations Training. Our popular courses are available as engaging self-paced, web-based training. You’ll be impressed with our cost-effective, user-friendly “how-to” content.


Frontline Fundamentals

General customer service skills are a critical component of the frontline training program. With increased focus on customer satisfaction and retention, frontline training should include spoken communication skills (“what you say” and “how you say it”) as well as techniques for turning around negative customer situations.

13 hrs 64 Modules Interactive

Frontline Fundamentals {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}
Frontline Fundamentals {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}

Workforce Management

As over two-thirds of call center operating costs are related to personnel, getting the right number of staff in place is critical, in terms of both service and cost. Workforce Management is one of our primary fields of expertise, and our training courses have assisted hundreds of companies to improve their staffing and scheduling efficiencies.

13 hrs 68 Modules Interactive

Workforce Management {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}
Workforce Management {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}


In addition to your own company-specific supervisor training, The Call Center School’s Supervision program will help your supervisors understand how to monitor staff performance, utilize call center reports and technologies, diagnose performance problems, coach for improved performance, and implement agent retention programs.

15 hrs 40 Modules Interactive

Supervision {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}
Supervision {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}

Quality Assurance

Call center outsiders may be surprised what happens behind the scenes when they hear the common phrase, “Your call may be monitored for quality and training purposes”. We understand that comprehensive training, consistent monitoring, and coaching are required to ensure the quality of every single customer interaction. The Call Center School’s Quality Assurance program also includes topics on customer surveying and feedback.

7 hrs 31 Modules Interactive

Quality Assurance {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}
Quality Assurance {:one=>"Program", :other=>"Programs"}


The Call Center School offers post-training certification on the knowledge and skills learned in our Frontline Fundamentals, Supervision, Workforce Management and Quality Assurance programs. The mastery exam is online and open-book. Students who achieve a score of 80% or higher on the exam will receive a certificate of completion.

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Learning Platform

The Call Center School is provided by the injixo inc Cloud platform. Our all-new Cloud Learning platform combines established educational content with a fresh, instructional approach to e-learning. No expensive hardware or software is required, and students can access self-paced e-learning content wherever, and whenever required. Visual progress indicators enable students to monitor their training progress and management can track the personal development of each student.

injixo Learn interface

Why E-Learning?

E-learning has, in recent years, revolutionized the educational sector and transformed the ways in which we look at knowledge and skill acquisition. E-learning techniques provide learners with an effective, educational alternative to classroom training.

Here’s just a few ways students can benefit from our self-paced e-learning programs.

1. It’s current and comprehensive. The Call Center School works closely with knowledgeable multimedia and call center experts to create e-learning content that is rich and engaging. In classroom training, results sometimes depend on the performance of individual trainers. This is not the case for e-learning, where consistent, high quality training is always available

2. It’s cost effective. E-learning can save businesses at least 50% when they apply it as an alternative to traditional instructor-based training. For a cost-effective price, you can receive access to the most comprehensive call center training library on the market. Our affordable and transparent pricing model ensures that you’re always on track of your training budget.

3. It’s less resource intensive. There is no contest between clicking a button and accessing immediate e-learning content, and carrying out the tedious admin responsibilities associated with classroom training. With e-learning, training trainers, booking classrooms, rescheduling staff, and preparing presentations are no longer a headache.

4. It’s flexible and productive. E-learning is not restricted to a fixed time or location, and can reduce instruction time by up to 60%. Students can learn at ease and develop their skill set during periods of low utilization or occupancy. According to a recent report released by IBM, companies who utilize e-learning tools and strategies have the potential to boost productivity by up to 50%.

5. It’s easy to use. Thanks to innovative Cloud technology, students can easily access course content wherever, and whenever, required. Our cloud-based learning management system is intuitive and very easy to use, so students can easily locate content and track their personal progress.

6. It’s always available. In classroom training, we can only assume that students take good notes during training sessions. With e-learning, students can proceed through training content at their own pace, and easily access an entire course, and repeat or skip specific sections, based on their requirements.

7. It improves employee retention. It’s estimated that approximately 25% of all employees leave their job due to a lack of training or learning opportunities. We provide you with an expanding, dynamic learning library, to help demonstrate your continuing commitment to the personal development of your employees.

8. It’s environmentally friendly! According to recent studies, e-learning consumes 90% less energy than traditional training. By significantly reducing travel and energy costs, and providing an alternative to paper-based training, e-learning contributes to an environmentally friendly workplace. E-learning really is green learning!

9. It’s an established learning method. We believe that e-learning is an essential educational resource for any contact center. Since 2001, The Call Center School has certified approximately 20,000 students from more than 3,000 contact centers worldwide, and counting!

10. It’s about learning together. Our ethos of e-learning is “learning together” and we appreciate that each employee possesses varying strengths, weaknesses and prior knowledge. The injixo Community enables all students to ask questions, suggest ideas, and share solutions and best practises with other contact center agents from around the globe.

The Call Center School

At a glance.

History & Team

Since 2001, The Call Center School has been dedicated to the personal development of contact center individuals. With approximately 20,000 certified graduates from more than 3,000 contact centers worldwide, we are a market leader in the industry. Our expert learning and development team of industry specialists, instructional designers, graphic designers, video journalists, and linguists, ensures that all content is of the highest standard.

Comprehensive E-Learning Library

We currently offer almost 200 training modules, delivering comprehensive information and expert advice to all individuals involved in the daily operation of any contact center. Our dynamic learning library caters for all training requirements; from basic introductory courses for agents, to expert training in advanced Workforce Management techniques. All content is continually refreshed, based on current and emerging industry trends.

Training Concept

Our offering represents a fresh and exciting outlook on digital learning. All content is precisely tailored to suit the training requirements of the audience – be it one agent or 1,000 agents. Interactive components promote active learner engagement with the subject matter throughout, while defined learning objectives and assessments ensure a continuous learning progress.

The Future of Employee Training

In recent years, digital training has become an increasingly appealing alternative to traditional, classroom training. Our focused learning modules can be integrated effortlessly into any contact center, and used either as a standalone program, or as part of a blended learning experience. We provide cost effective, easy to use training content, that is easily accessible online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Benefit from The Call Center School learning experience today. Sign up now and access courses for free!