Program: Workforce Management

5. Scheduling Principles and Problems
Solutions to Scheduling Challenges

This interactive e-learning course provides a comprehensive look at scheduling calculations and challenges, outlines all the necessary definitions and decisions associated with call center scheduling, and discusses scheduling best practices in today’s call center. The course teaches effective scheduling techniques to match up the call center workforce to the incoming call workload.

Have you managed to arrive at the delicate balance between efficient schedules and staff preferences? Don’t worry - you’re not alone! It’s the age-old problem that workforce planners and call center managers continue to struggle with week in and week out. And just when you’ve got it figured out, throw in skill-based scheduling, extended hours of operation, or the need to cover emails and web chats in addition to calls.

This e-learning outlines the most common scheduling problems call centers face and will provide some traditional solutions as well as some creative new ones to help with your scheduling dilemma.

Students will learn to:

  • Describe schedule efficiency versus acceptability conflicts.
  • Identify the ten most common scheduling problems call centers face today.
  • Describe options that have worked for other call centers in solving scheduling problems.
  • Examine schedule horizon tradeoffs.
  • Identify long-term scheduling strategies and real-time reactions to meet service goals.
  • Describe the latest WFM software capabilities for solving scheduling problems.

7 modules 88 mins