Program: Workforce Management

6. Managing Daily Service Levels An Intra
Day Guide to Managing Staff and Service

Managing Daily Service Levels An Intra-Day Guide to Managing Staff and Service This interactive e-learning course outlines the process of tracking service on an intra-day basis in the call center, defines a wide range of staffing and technology reaction strategies, and outlines practical strategies for managing the schedule exception process. The course describes the essentials of managing staffing levels to maximize service while minimizing cost and staffing disruptions.

Everything is in place. You’ve forecasted workload according to best practices and created a staffing plan and set of schedules to efficiently match the workforce to the workload. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans. It’s critical to track how well the plan is working every single half-hour of every single day to ensure service goals are being met and employees are being utilized effectively.

This course will outline the process of tracking performance within the day and provide overstaffing and understaffing reaction strategies should the plan go awry.

Students will learn to:

  • Identify the components and the process used to track daily performance.
  • Outline the steps of developing a communications plan should changes in staffing be required.
  • Identify reaction strategies from both a staffing and technology perspective.
  • Outline the many types of intra-day activities that affect staff availability and how to track them.
  • Identify the most critical measures of intra-day performance and when to use each one.

7 modules 67 mins