Program: Workforce Management

2. Data Collection and Analysis
Getting Off to the Right Start

This interactive e-learning course identifies the sources of WFM planning data, outlines the process of data validation and adjustment, and describes how to incorporate business drivers into the planning process. It also describes the data collection considerations crucial to the overall workforce management and planning process.

The most critical step in the workforce management process is the first one: data collection and analysis. The best predictor of future call workload is past data, so gathering the right data is critical to the workforce management process.

This e-learning teaches where to look for data and how to scrutinize the data to make sure it’s appropriate to feed into the forecasting process. It also reviews mathematical techniques for analyzing data and making needed adjustments. The role of business drivers and how to incorporate them into the planning process will also be discussed.

Students will learn to:

  • Identify the sources of call center planning data.
  • Describe the impact of call routing and button usage on input data.
  • Identify data aberrations and how to adjust for them.
  • Outline business drivers most pertinent to the planning process.

6 modules 80 mins