Program: Workforce Management

4. Calculating Call Center Staff
The Math of Call Center Staffing Tradeoffs

Calculating Call Center Staff The Math of Call Center Staffing Tradeoffs This interactive e-learning course describes the process for defining service goals in the call center, calculating call center staff requirements, and analyzing staffing/cost/service tradeoffs. It teaches how to calculate the optimal number of call center staff to maximize service while minimizing cost to make the most of call center resources.

Getting the “just right” number of people in place at the right times to handle the contacts – it’s every call center manager’s dream. However, figuring out the right staffing mix to maximize service to customers, while minimizing cost, can sometimes be a nightmare.

This course outlines the step-by-step approach to call center staffing. Students will learn about setting service goals and how to use Erlang techniques to determine the right number of bodies in chairs. It will also be discussed the most critical staffing tradeoffs, such as cost versus service concerns, the effect on service of plus/minus one person, the impact of large groups and economies of scale, and effects of staff occupancy.

Students will learn to:

  • Identify factors in setting service level goals and what factors contribute to speed of answer questions.
  • Use Erlang calculations to pinpoint staffing needs.
  • Identify service and cost tradeoffs and ways to improve service without adding staff.
  • Describe the most common mistake call centers make in determining staff numbers.
  • Identify ways to incorporate multi-media contacts into the staff planning process.

6 modules 70 mins