Program: Workforce Management

8. Advanced Forecasting Techniques
Fine-Tuning Workload Predictions

Advanced Forecasting Techniques Fine-Tuning Workload Predictions This interactive e-learning course supports workforce planners in developing advanced call forecasting skills. It teaches how to measure forecast accuracy, outline different forecasting techniques and approaches that can fine-tune call center workload predictions, and apply techniques such as using correlation coefficients in the forecasting process.

Without an accurate forecast of workload and staff requirements, the scheduling process will be inefficient. This course will explore various approaches to help fine-tune your tactical call forecasting process.

Whether you’re forecasting by spreadsheets or with workforce management software, you’ll learn how to improve the accuracy of your daily and half-hourly forecasts through techniques like regression analysis and use of correlation coefficients.

Students will learn to:

  • Calculate forecast accuracy by various methods.
  • Outline additional components of time series analysis beyond trend and seasonality.
  • Identify predictable cycles in call center workload.
  • Apply correlation coefficient techniques to fine-tune forecasts.

7 modules 63 mins