In this program, participants will learn how to continue to meet service goals throughout the day, even when unexpected situations arise. Participants will learn how to apply intraday management tactics to cope with unforeseen events such as agents calling in sick, sudden technical problems, or unexpectedly high call volumes. Participants will gain the skillset to quickly control such situations.

In this program, participants will learn how to continue to meet service goals throughout the day, even... Read more


Certification 2 courses 2 h 28 min

The following courses are included:

  1. 1. Managing Daily Service Levels
  2. 2. Attendance and Adherence
  3. Certification

2. Attendance and Adherence

Keeping Bodies in Seats

Attendance and Adherence Keeping Bodies in Seats This interactive e-learning course is designed to help call centers manage attendance and schedule adherence. It teaches how to define and quantify schedule adherence, communicate the power of one to all call center staff, and how to shape desired attendance and adherence behaviors through proper education and reinforcement.

One of the toughest jobs related to workforce management may not be the intricate calculations of forecasting nor the numerous iterations of coming up with the best schedule mix. The hardest part may come after the schedules are in place - simply ensuring there are frontline staff available when and where you need them to be.

Some call centers are much more successful than others at this attendance and adherence dilemma. So how do you get staff to show up for work on Mondays and stick to their planned break times? This course will share proven practices on attendance and adherence that have resulted in increased availability.

Students will learn to:

  • Quantify the cost and service implications of missing staff.
  • Identify ways to communicate and educate staff on the “power of one” in call center staffing.
  • Describe options for setting adherence performance goals and selling them to the staff.
  • Identify reward and consequence programs that support adherence goals.
2. Attendance and Adherence
  • 7 modules
  • 61 min

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