Program: Vocal Victories

2. Vocal Makeover
Proven Techniques for a Winning Voice

This e-learning course will help agents fine-tune their vocal techniques to become better communicators over the telephone. Learn how to get rid of distracting voice mannerisms and identify the seven vocal characteristics and how to improve each one for a better telephone voice.

If used properly, the voice can support and enhance your verbal message. However, sometimes distracting vocal mannerisms can creep into the speech, negatively impacting the professional image.

This course will help agents become aware of the most common speaking distractions and give specific tips and techniques for improvement so they can communicate with confidence. It outlines the seven vocal elements and how you can improve each one so your voice becomes a finely tuned instrument for telephone communications.

Agents will learn to:

  • Identify effective warm-ups for your voice to maximize clarity.
  • Identify and eliminate frequent verbal mishaps and “verbal viruses.”
  • Correct volume and tempo speaking problems.
  • Find the optimal telephone voice pitch.
  • Change voice inflection to be more upbeat, energetic and enthusiastic.

3 modules 106 mins