Program: Vocal Victories

1. The Power of One
The difference One Agent Can Make

This interactive e-learning course provides two important lessons. The Power of One helps frontline agents understand the important role they play in building customer relationships, as well as impacting the overall operation of the call center.

Each individual on the frontline can make a tremendous difference in a customer’s experience with your organization, ultimately resulting in customer satisfaction and retention, increased market share, and positive impact on the bottom line.

This course helps agents to identify opportunities to make a difference and quantify the impact any given transaction might have in the overall operation of the center and on the other members of the team.

Agents will learn to:

  • Identify the impact each individual can have on customer satisfaction.
  • Calculate the long-term value of a customer interaction.
  • Identify opportunities where added effort can make the biggest difference.
  • Identify the top five most significant areas that can affect the customer’s perception of service.
  • Quantify the workload and occupancy implications of plus/minus one person.

7 modules 70 mins