Program: Vocal Victories

4. Power Phrasing
Winning Words for Effective Communications

This interactive e-learning course provides guidelines for words to use and not to use to make the most of every phone call. It outlines words and phrasing to turn negative statements into positive ones, as well as how to give instructions in a helpful manner in order to leave a positive impression with each customer.

There are two components of every telephone conversation – the vocal message and the verbal message. How we say something and the exact words we choose have a powerful impact on the outcome of the conversation.

This course teaches the skill of choosing just the right word or phrase to send the best message. Learn how to say “no” in a positive manner by performing a “message makeover” and eliminating negative words and irritating phrases from your communication.

Identify caller communication styles and select the best words and phrases to build rapport with your customers. The end result will be callers who leave with a positive impression of the agent and the company.

Agents will learn to:

  • Describe the importance of selecting the right words to convey your message.
  • Avoid using negative phrases and wording and replace with more positive phrases.
  • Identify key phrases to work into speech to build rapport with each customer.
  • Identify visual words and phrases that can be used to replace body language to demonstrate interest and support.
  • Outline ways to keep a call on track and arrive at a positive outcome.

8 modules 56 mins