Program: Vocal Victories

3. First Class Phone Manners
The Musts of Telephone Best Practices

This interactive e-learning course provides best practices for all phases of a customer call, including opening, closing, and hold/transfer techniques. Learn what to say and not to say to ensure proper etiquette and a positive outcome on each call.

For many organizations, the call center is the primary and perhaps the only means of communications with customers, so it’s important that we make each conversation count. It all begins with answering the phone properly, making a good first impression, and then advancing the conversation into a positive lasting impression.

This course teaches how to gain control of the call, ask effective questions, place calls on hold, transfer calls effectively, and close each call successfully. The course will also provide best practices for creating voice mail greetings and leaving professional voice mail messages.

Agents will learn to:

  • Identify the components of an effective opening and what not to do.
  • Avoid the most common telephone etiquette problems and wording.
  • Practice the recommended techniques for transferring callers or putting them on hold.
  • Identify ways to effectively close the call to leave the customer with a positive impression.
  • Recognize best practices when relying upon voice mail communications.

7 modules 72 mins