Program: Vocal Victories

5. Challenging Callers
Established Call Handling Techniques for Challenging Call Scenarios

In any contact center, it’s inevitable that agents will encounter an abundance of challenging callers. The Challenging Callers course focuses primarily on how to recognize the characteristics of key caller types. Agents can significantly reduce their Average Handle Time and Average Speed of Answer statistics by applying established call handling techniques presented in this course.

Agents will learn:

  • How to balance good customer service with the length of the call, while considering the caller’s requirements.
  • Established techniques to handle confused and emotional callers, to arrive at a satisfactory call conclusion.
  • How to identify the difference between angry callers and those who are impatient and just want to move the call along quickly.
  • To identify the two key types of complaining callers and learn techniques to deal with both situations efficiently.

7 modules 49 mins