Program: The Power of One

  • Help frontline staff understand the importance of their role
  • Provides practical tips for maximizing success
  • Excellent for both onboarding and ongoing training
  • Engaging self-paced e-learning

Program description

The success of a contact center will forever depend on the performance of the individual. In this program, agents will learn that every interaction and every word spoken have the power to improve customer satisfaction, enhance company brand, and increase the bottom line.

Who should take this?

  • Anyone on the fronline who's in contact with customers
  • Newly hired telephone agents (as part of onboarding)
  • Agents with reduced motivation


Self-paced e-learning containing an engaging mix of video, narratives, scenarios, and self-assessments.

A certificate is provided if the mastery exam is passed successfully.

Time to complete

  • 6 months from starting the first module
  • Program contains 1 h 7 min of content
  • The program will remain available for the entire 6 months, even after completion

The following courses are included

1. The Power of One

The difference One Agent Can Make

The Power of One

This interactive e-learning course helps frontline agents understand the important role they play in building customer relationships, as well as impacting the overall operation of the call center.

Agents will learn about the lifecycle of a customer relationship, the power of positive words, and how customer experiences can go viral in this modern age.

Agents will learn to:

  • Identify the impact each individual can have on customer satisfaction.
  • Calculate the long-term value of a customer interaction.
  • Identify opportunities where added effort can make the biggest difference.
  • Identify the top five most significant areas that can affect the customer’s perception of service.
  • Quantify the workload and occupancy implications of plus/minus one person.
  • 7 modules
  • 67 min

Included modules and learning aims:

  1. Introduction 08 min

    • Introduce the concept of “The Power of One” in customer service
    • Explore the importance of customer service to the organization
    • Identify the important role of frontline staff in service delivery
    • Outline the other “Power of One” concepts in the call center
  2. The Power of One Interaction 08 min

    • Understand the contribution of customer service to customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Learn about the life cycle of a customer relationship
    • Learn to view immediate and long-term value of a single customer interaction
  3. The Power of Many 07 min

    • Review the concept of lifetime customer value
    • Learn the ways that customer service experiences are communicated to others
    • Calculate how many others may hear about both positive and negative customer experiences
    • Review customer stories that have “gone viral” and the impact of each story
  4. The Power of One Word 09 min

    • Determine the power of a single interaction on customer perception and loyalty
    • Outline ways to create a positive customer interaction
    • Identify simple word choices that can make a positive impression
  5. The Power of Extra Effort 14 min

    • Outline the differentiating factors of good service
    • Describe ways in which extra effort can affect service
    • Hear some sample scenarios where extra effort has taken service from good to great
  6. The Power of Presence 14 min

    • Identify the impact of each person’s presence on call center operations
    • Determine how call center staffing levels impact customer service
    • Calculate the impact of one person on call center service and speed of answer to callers
    • Calculate the impact of one person on call center occupancy
    • Calculate the impact of one person on bottom line operational costs
  7. The Power of One Summary 08 min

    • The main learning points of Modules 1 to 6
    • To outline the multiple meanings of The Power of One in a call center setting

Mastery Certification: The Power of One

After finishing the courses of the program, participants are eligible to take the mastery certification exam. A designation of Mastery Certification from The Call Center School validates and recognizes the learning achievements gained through the program.

Participants who successfully pass the mastery certification can download their certificate and share it directly via social media.

10 questions 10 min

Mastery Certification: The Power of One

The program is designed by call center experts to provide a practical and engaging learning experience. Start today.