Program: Supervision

6. Teamwork Template
Techniques for Building and Managing Teams

This e-learning course provides strategies for creating successful call center teams. It teaches how to define team structures and processes, organize successful team meetings, improve team communications, and deal with common team challenges in the call center workplace.

Most call center organizations are built around a team concept. In many centers these teams are no more than a group of people that happen to report to the same person, while in other centers, the team is an empowered, cohesive unit where each team member takes responsibility for the productivity and success of the group.

In this course, supervisors and team managers will see how to create and build a successful team, beginning with team charters and assignments. Team development will be discussed, including how to motivate team members to take on expanded roles and responsibilities.

Students will learn to:

  • Write a team charter to identify the team’s purpose and objectives.
  • Organize a team matrix to outline member responsibilities and roles.
  • Identify new skills that will be needed to be successful as a team member or leader.
  • Describe ways to motivate individuals and the team as a whole.
  • Identify the most effective communications techniques to ensure cohesiveness and productivity.

3 modules 79 mins