Program: Supervision

11. Sales Coaching for Supervisors
Techniques for Maximizing Sales

This e-learning course outlines the essential steps and techniques for coaching in a telephone sales center. It teaches how to coach to refine call behaviors that make the most of sales opportunities on every call.

Most sales training courses have a very short-term effect on performance because new skills and capabilities are not consistently applied and reinforced. Training for frontline staff should ideally be accompanied by ongoing sales coaching in order to achieve consistent sales results. However, while many call center supervisors are equipped to coach a basic customer service call, they’re missing some skills for coaching and fine-tuning sales behaviors on a call.

This course will provide the needed skills and techniques to help supervisors guide and direct behaviors to maximize sales success.

Students will learn to:

  • Define sales goals and desirable call behaviors.
  • Identify motivation factors and factors in getting agent buy-in for the sales process.
  • Describe ways to establish and support a selling mindset for calls.
  • Identify gaps in all four stages of a sales call and ways to direct change.
  • Describe strategies for reinforcing successful sales behaviors.

3 modules 83 mins