Program: Supervision

1. Performance Management
Effectively Managing and Coaching Frontline Agents

Ask any group of contact center supervisors what their most important tasks are and one answer will generally prevail above all others. Coaching. By effectively managing and coaching performance, supervisors can assist agents with confidence, ensuring they go the extra mile for every single customer.

From measuring agent performance against center expectations, to identifying performance gaps and scrutinizing agent behaviors, this course equips supervisors with the essential skills required to focus their management efforts where they’ll be most effective.

Students will learn how to:

  • Define measurable agent behaviors and performance standards.
  • Measure agent performance and identify any impeding performance gaps.
  • Provide agents with regular, constructive feedback on their performance.
  • Take action on the outcomes of performance meetings and scrutinize the results.
  • Improve and maintain agent motivation to encourage higher service standards.

7 modules 47 mins