Program: Supervision

4. Motivation Marvels
100 Ways to Improve Motivation and Morale

This e-learning course provides strategies and techniques to help the call center management and supervisory team motivate frontline call center staff. It outlines basic motivational principles, recognition and reward strategies, and many proven techniques for motivating call center staff.

If the frontline staff members aren’t happy, customers won’t be happy. With customer satisfaction depending on the quality of the agent/customer transaction, it’s critical to keep staff for the long term and motivate them to perform well.

This course introduces several different motivational theories and presents dozens of ideas and case studies about what’s working well in other call centers to keep the staff motivated and happy. Students will hear about some creative contests and games to use, as well as pick up some ideas on how to reward individuals and teams for meeting performance goals.

Students will learn to:

  • Identify supervisory strategies for providing guidance and support.
  • Outline the principles of an effective reward and recognition system.
  • Identify the important factors in implementing a new motivational program or contest.
  • Describe the implications of using individual versus team rewards.
  • Identify dozens of new ideas you can implement in your own center for improved performance and retention.

3 modules 71 mins