Program: Supervision

9. Key Performance Indicators
Managing by the Numbers

This e-learning course outlines strategies for defining a performance measurement system, including how to identify the top twenty performance measures for your call center. It also teaches how to translate top metrics into effective call center management reports. There are many truths told in the vast array of statistics available today in the call center – and the successful manager or supervisor will be the one that understands how to manage by the numbers and not be overwhelmed by them.

This course provides a useful set of formulas and calculations for understanding the math associated with today’s most common key performance indicators (KPIs). Students will get to know the most common measures of performance and how to calculate and analyze them.

This e-learning will present the “top ten” KPIs and de-mystify the math behind the numbers.

Students will learn to:

  • Identify the most critical KPIs for call center and agent performance.
  • Calculate the service, cost, and productivity implications of staffing decisions.
  • Define the critical KPIs to reflect quality of service as well as service efficiency.
  • Identify the most common math mistakes made in call centers today.
  • Describe how to perform a correlation analysis.

3 modules 79 mins