Program: Supervision

8. Introduction to WFM
Understanding Call Center Staffing and Scheduling

This e-learning course provides an overview of workforce management for call center supervisors and managers. It outlines the challenges of workforce planning, the detailed steps of forecasting and scheduling, and the important concept of the Power of One in call center staffing.

Workforce management is the process of getting the “just right” number of staff in place every hour to maximize service and minimize cost. This course teaches the implications of getting the numbers wrong, as well as the step-by-step process of effectively forecasting calls, calculating staff requirements, creating staff schedules, and tracking daily service and performance. Hear about the critical tradeoffs between staffing, service, and cost and how each of these tradeoffs affects the final staff count. This e-learning also explains the impact that each and every person can make in terms of achieving service goals for the day.

Students will learn to:

  • Define workforce management and its implications on cost and service.
  • Describe why call center staffing is such a unique kind of problem.
  • Outline the step-by-step process of forecasting calls, calculating staff, and creating workforce schedules.
  • Identify the impact that every single individual has on meeting service goals and balancing workload.
  • Outline ways to improve attendance and schedule adherence.

6 modules 52 mins