Program: Supervision

5. Finders Keepers
Proven Strategies for Staff Retention

This e-learning course outlines strategies to improve morale and retention of call center staff. It teaches to calculate turnover rates and costs, and will identify fifteen strategies for devising a plan to reduce staff turnover in the call center.

Ask contact center professionals what their top concerns are and staff turnover will likely be at the top of the list. Most would agree that a contact center manager’s biggest challenge these days may be getting and keeping good employees.

This course takes a look at the turnover problem running rampant in today’s centers. We will discuss the main reasons employees leave (as well as the reasons they list for why they stay) and which of these are actually under management’s control. See how to calculate the true cost of turnover in a typical contact center and calculate the costs of turnover in your own center.

Finally, the course provides fifteen proven ideas and tips for how to improve motivation and morale to further employee retention.

Students will learn to:

  • Calculate the hard and soft costs of turnover to the business.
  • Identify the main reasons employees leave and why they stay.
  • Identify specific actions supervisors can take to improve morale and retention for their teams.
  • Describe the key elements of an effective retention program and motivation program.
  • Outline fifteen different strategies for improving morale and retention within a work team.

3 modules 58 mins