Program: Supervision

10. Call Center Supervision
Essential Skills and Competencies

This e-learning course outlines the top ten competencies required for call center leaders and supervisors today. Learn what skills and knowledge are needed and how to plan a professional development route that ensures supervisory success.

Being a successful supervisor in a call center requires a unique set of knowledge and skills. Training and experience in another area of the business as a supervisor might equip one with some of the needed competencies, but there are some unique requirements and responsibilities in managing in the call center world.

This course will focus on the challenges and most common supervisory issues in today’s center and how supervisors can equip themselves with the needed skills and knowledge to improve the effectiveness of team members, increase morale and motivation, and create a team environment that maximizes employee satisfaction, performance, and retention.

Students will learn to:

  • Identify the most desirable attributes for today’s call center supervisor.
  • Outline the top ten leadership traits and why they’re important in the call center.
  • Describe the most critical knowledge and skill areas for supervisors.
  • Identify the most common mistakes supervisors make in managing call center teams.

3 modules 85 mins