Program: Supervision

3. Basics of Call Coaching
Basics for Improving Call Quality

This e-learning course focuses on the best practices of call coaching. It teaches the benefits of regularly scheduled coaching session, how to effectively communicate to ensure frontline staff understanding and buy-in, and the techniques for reinforcing desirable behaviors so they will be repeated in future customer interactions.

Call center supervisors have multiple opportunities in a variety of settings and situations to communicate with staff about their call-handling performance.

This course outlines the five-step process for effective call coaching. We begin by an overview of a performance management process and identify where coaching fits into this model. An important part of coaching is reinforcement, and this course reviews the various types of reinforcement and when to use each for best results.

This e-learning also teaches the three distinct techniques for call coaching, each approach adapting to the needs of the frontline agents according to their level of performance as evaluated in the quality monitoring evaluation.

Students will learn to:

  • Identify the benefits of effective coaching.
  • Follow a five step call coaching process.
  • Define the types of reinforcement and how best to influence performance.
  • Identify communication techniques that lead to successful coaching sessions.
  • Coach to celebrate, clarify and correct agent behaviors.

3 modules 62 mins