Program: Successful Sales

1. Selling Through Service
Increasing Revenues with Customer-Focused Selling Communications

This interactive e-learning course helps frontline staff get prepared for their role in customer-focused selling. Learn to overcome selling fears and get in the right mindset to maximize selling success.

Selling isn’t just for sales reps anymore. As more call centers move toward up-selling and cross-selling, yesterday’s customer service agent needs to be today’s well-rounded service and sales representative with the knowledge and skills to develop and close sales and ensure a quality experience for each customer.

This course will provide the basics of how to make the most of inbound sales opportunities, both in pure sales and service/sales environments. Agents will gain new perspectives on how upselling can benefit the customer and create a mindset on how to maximize the customer relationship as well as the company’s bottom line.

Agents will learn to:

  • Identify sales opportunities in the everyday service environment.
  • Identify up-sell opportunities at the end of a regular sales transaction.
  • Overcome fear and reluctance to making the additional offer.
  • Position every sale from the customer’s perspective.
  • Select the right words to support a “relationship selling” interaction.

8 modules 80 mins