Program: Quality Assurance

5. Making the Most of Quality Monitoring
Creating a Comprehensive QA Program

This e-learning provides quality monitoring program best practices, including common mistakes made by many call centers that you’ll want to be sure and avoid. Learn how to leverage quality monitoring to drive performance improvement beyond the call center.

This call may be monitored to ensure quality – is one of the most familiar phrases associated with call centers today. Indeed, most businesses are monitoring calls to ensure the correct message is being delivered and the majority of centers utilize some sort of automated monitoring system to facilitate the process.

This course outlines how to align your business practices to make the most of your monitoring efforts. Hear the most common mistakes made when implementing a monitoring program, as well as ideas for ensuring the process will be met with employee acceptance.

Students will learn to:

  • Identify the most common mistakes in implementing a quality monitoring program.
  • Identify four goals of an effective monitoring program.
  • Develop a call recording strategy for gathering sample interactions.
  • Define processes to ensure consistency and fairness in the monitoring process.
  • Incorporate best practices to leverage quality monitoring to drive performance improvement in the center.

3 modules 56 mins