Today's customers know more and expect more. The ability to provide a professional social customer experience is key for many centers. Equipped with the power of words, agents will learn how to communicate with customers without relying on face-to-face or vocal techniques - to deliver a truly coherent social customer experience.


Certification 3 courses 4 h 3 min

3. Key Social Media Channels

An Overview for Customer Service Agents

As customers continue to solicit service through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, companies are adding social media as a recognized support channel. As a result, contact centers must train their agents to be able to provide excellent customer service through social media.

Understanding the differences between the key social media channels, how people interact with them, and how customer responses are delivered, can initially seem very daunting for some agents. This interactive course is a must-have for agents who are new to handling customer queries online.

This course looks at the key features of three key social media channels, explores best practices for terminology and etiquette, and demonstrates how to respond effectively to posts.

At the end of this course, agents will be able to:

  • list the key features of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • define the differences between these three social media channels.
  • communicate professionally with your followers online.
  • apply best practices for handling interactions online.
3. Key Social Media Channels
  • 5 modules
  • 98 min

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