Program: Digital Customer Service

2. Introduction to Social Customer Service
The Essential Introduction

Social media is everywhere! It’s on our phones, our tablets, our laptops, and our TVs. Some of us even receive notifications on our wrists.

Empowered by the blank canvas freedom of social media, tech-savvy customers expect agents to completely disregard social media as a channel for personal communications, and tend to their needs courteously and professionally. The same customers are in complete control of their posted threads and messages, and no longer want or expect to listen to repetitive hold music, or wait patiently on an email response.

Students will learn:

  • How a typical social interaction with a customer is handled.
  • The key misconceptions of social customer service.
  • How to recognize key social customer types and handle their expectations.
  • The five key characteristics of a competent social agent.
  • How to use the Social Private Social model for handling sensitive queries online.

5 modules 44 mins