Today's customers know more and expect more. The ability to provide a professional social customer experience is key for many centers. Equipped with the power of words, agents will learn how to communicate with customers without relying on face-to-face or vocal techniques - to deliver a truly coherent social customer experience.


Certificate on Completion 4 courses 24 modules 5 hrs 59 mins

4. Email Essentials
A Frontline Guide for Writing Effective Emails

A well written and properly structured email provides an effective means of communication between contact center agents and customers. However some agents can find it more difficult to fully understand a customer’s request in an email, or to express themselves in an easy to understand manner. When we lose access to vocal tone and body language, the words we choose can be more easily misinterpreted.

This Email Essentials course focuses on how to avoid common customer complaints about emails, and instead how to present accurate information in an easy to read manner.

At the end of this course, agents will be able to:

  • apply best practices for email etiquette.
  • use punctuation appropriately.
  • choose the right wording.
  • structure an email for ease of reading.

7 modules 76 mins


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