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Give your e-learning a boost with professional services from The Call Center School. Since 2001, we’ve certified 30,000+ professionals from over 4,000 contact centers around the world. Let us help you create engaging resources to empower your employees.

Our current services include:

  • Interactive, impactful e-learning built from your existing training materials.
  • Alignment of our current courses with your brand.
  • Instructional material and advisory consultation.

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Why The Call Center School?

Reduce Time & Costs

Reduce Your Time & Your Costs

Our team has learning and development down to a science. Our services will speed up your timeline and help you make an impact. Let's enhance your team’s skills to amplify your mission.

Achieve Your Goals

Achieve Your Learning Goals

We are contact center e-learning experts. We know what works for contact center employees of all levels from frontline agents to WFM managers. Let us help you achieve your education goals.

Ensure Your Team's Success

Ensure Your Team's Success

Our certifications are industry recognized. The quality of our courses have resulted in employee advancement across many industries. Our expertise will ensure your team’s success.

Secure and Trustworthy

Secure & Trustworthy

Our team will adhere to your confidentiality and security needs. As a company, we take data security and compliance very seriously. We will build a plan you can trust.

Planning and Goal Setting

How It Works

Interactive e-learning built from your existing training materials.

You give us your PowerPoints, PDFs, and static training materials. We will convert them into interactive e-learning (using a variety of media such as video). Transform your presentations into engaging, dynamic resources that enhance your learning goals.

Alignment of The Call Center School's current courses with your brand.

Our courses and certifications are industry-recognized. If you have a need, we can white-label and modify our materials to fit your curriculum. We can alter it to fit your branding, business, or mission.

Instructional material and advisory consultation.

Need help structuring or showcasing your resources digitally? Want to know the best practices for a customer service topic? Our team of subject matter experts and instructional designers is available to advise you.

Taking Your Training Online

If you decide to take your existing training online with us, here’s what you can expect:

Planning and Goal Setting

Step 1

Planning & Goal Setting

Together with you, we decide on which goals and outcomes you want to achieve with your e-learning course. If needed, our team conducts a training need analysis (TNA) and will set learning objectives with you. We will work with you to divide and organize your content into a course structure that will meet your goals.

Module Design

Step 2

Module Design

With your course structure, our content team will determine how to simplify your materials into learning modules with aims and objectives that contribute to your larger goal. The team will start working on the modules. If needed, storyboards and scripts will be written.

Asset Production

Step 3

Asset Production

After preparing your e-learning modules, we start producing the graphical assets and videos for your project. We also request voice-over audio work from our preferred artists.

E-Learning Delivery

Step 4

E-Learning Delivery

When all assets are finalized, we begin the process of producing SCORM files. These may be added to The Call Center School’s learning management system or to your own LMS. We’ll work with you to ensure secure delivery of your e-learning to your preferred platform.

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