Managing Challenging Callers

  • Teaches techniques to identify different types of challenging callers and how to effectively handle them
  • Provides practical tips for maximizing success
  • Excellent for both onboarding and ongoing training
  • Created by a team of industry veterans and e-learning professionals

Handling challenging callers appropriately is an essential skill for any frontline agent. This self-paced e-learning course equips your agents with the ability to recognize different types of challenging callers and provides them with techniques to handle them calm and confidently. Not only will your agents be able to turn angry callers into happy customers, they will also learn how to decrease the average handle time and the average speed of answer while doing so.

Who should take this?

  • Newly hired telephone agents (as part of onboarding)
  • Agents that struggle with challenging callers
  • Supervisors or coaches that manage telephone agents


Self-paced e-learning containing an engaging mix of video, narratives, scenarios, and self-assessments.

A certificate is provided if the mastery exam is passed successfully.

Time to complete

  • 6 months from starting the first module
  • Course contains 1 h 30 min of content
  • The course will remain available for the entire 6 months, even after completion

The following units are included

1. Types of Challenging Callers

Identify the Type of Caller and Respond Appropriately

Types of Challenging Callers

Challenging callers come in different types and flavors, from the emotional, to the confused, and the over talkative. This unit teaches different techniques for each type in order to bring the call to a positive end. Handling challenging callers may seem overwhelming to many agents, but with the right training, agents will be able to handle each in a professional and effective manner.

This unit will teach agents how to recognize the different types of challenging callers and how to handle the specific types appropriately. In addition, they will learn how to significantly reduce their average handle time (AHT) and average speed of answer (ASA) by applying established call handling techniques.

Agents will learn:

  • To balance good customer service with the length of the call, while considering the caller’s requirements.
  • Established techniques to handle confused and emotional callers, to arrive at a satisfactory call conclusion.
  • The difference between angry callers and those who are impatient and just want to move the call along quickly.
  • The two key types of complaining callers and how to deal with both types effectively.
  • 7 modules
  • 45 min

Included modules and learning aims:

  1. Introduction 04 min

    • Describe the various types of challenging callers
    • Preview the overall unit content
  2. Talkative Callers 08 min

    • How to identify a talkative caller
    • Techniques to deal with non-essential conversation
  3. Confused Callers 03 min

    • How to handle situations where a caller is confused about an issue
    • The best steps to take to resolve the confusion and help you arrive at a satisfactory call conclusion
  4. Impatient Callers 08 min

    • How to identify the difference between callers who are angry and those who are impatient, and just want to move the call along quickly
  5. Emotional Callers 08 min

    • Identify reasons why callers are emotional
    • Explore best techniques for calming the situation and arriving at a satisfactory resolution
  6. Complaining Callers 07 min

    • Discover the two types of complaining callers
    • Identify techniques that can be used to deal with each effectively
  7. Unit Assessment 07 min

    In this module, we'll test your knowledge of the key learning points from the unit. To score a passing percentage of 80%, you must answer 16 of a possible 20 questions correctly.

2. Handling Hostility

Proven Techniques to De-Escalate Calls Quickly

Handling Hostility

Dealing with an angry, aggressive customer is nearly inevitable in a contact center environment, yet it can be a very intimidating experience for agent. Those equipped with proper techniques will feel more confident and will be better able to handle angry customers professionally.

This unit focuses on the angry customer and key reasons for their frustration. Agents will learn fundamental principles that they can apply to keep calm in heated situations. They will learn about the AVERT model that is designed to de-escalate a call quickly. Learners will benefit from interactive scenarios that develop the essential skills required to handle hostile and personally abusive callers effectively.

Agents will learn:

  • The challenge of dealing with angry customers.
  • The basic principles of emotional intelligence and how these can be applied to manage their emotional state and influence the caller.
  • Communication skills to de-escalate situations involving angry customers.
  • To use the AVERT de-escalation technique when dealing with angry customers.
  • To apply established best practices when confronted with personal abuse from an angry caller.
  • 6 modules
  • 48 min

Included modules and learning aims:

  1. Introduction 04 min

    • Describe the challenge of dealing with angry callers
    • Preview the overall unit content
  2. What Would You Do? 07 min

    • You’ll participate in an example call that will enable you to determine your current skills when dealing with an angry customer
  3. Your Current Skills 11 min

    • Some communication techniques you already possess
    • Discover how they can be applied when dealing with angry customers
  4. Diffusing Anger 08 min

    • Explore the AVERT model that can be used to deal with angry customers
    • Discuss what to do when an angry customer uses personal abuse
  5. Influencing Behavior 09 min

    • Explore the basic principles of Emotional Intelligence
    • See how these can be applied to managing your emotional state and influencing the customer
  6. Unit Assessment 15 min

    In this module, we'll test your knowledge of the key learning points from the unit. To pass, you must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly.

Mastery Certification: Managing Challenging Callers

After finishing all the content of the course, participants are eligible to take the mastery certification exam. A designation of Mastery Certification from The Call Center School validates and recognizes the learning achievements gained through the course.

Participants who successfully pass the mastery certification can download their certificate and share it directly via social media.

10 questions 10 min

Mastery Certification: Managing Challenging Callers

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